Trying to Avoid the Bad Puns...

 ...but when you're around a bunch of hookers, it's almost impossible. Yesterday I had my first lesson in hooking - rug hooking that is. Something I've always wanted to do, ever since my trip to St. John's, Newfoundland. Turns out that there is a lively group of hooking enthusiasts here on Gabriola, and yesterday they had an introductory workshop for newbies. Gill was our instructor, and I immediately liked her approach of using recycled materials and just using scissors to cut the strips. There's no way I'm getting into something that requires another closet to hold the stash.
All the supplies were provided, including sparkling water with Italian vanilla syrup, and fresh peaches. I'm glad the group is into such pleasures of the flesh.
It was a very pleasant couple of hours.
And here's what I got started on. I love the thick, dense pile - I would say that hooking is to painting as embroidery is to drawing - it's very easy to create a lush, juicy surface. The tonalities of my colours are too close, so the poor little flower isn't going to look like much, but I will finish it and have a nice little mat to put my teapot on.

The group is planning to meet weekly. I could be in trouble.


  1. Anonymous8:58 PM

    oh gee! I've been wondering if you were ok or gone tripping - but, no - just hooking. It's invigorating to learn something new, what fun.


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