A Fistful of Thread

Thanks for your suggestions as to the thread colour. My giant ziplock bag of neutral shades of floss yielded up the above possibilities. Of course my monitor is going to look different from yours, so the shades are, from left to right: 646 (obviously 2 different batches as the colour is noticeably different - not supposed to happen with DMC!), 3895 (one of the new shades), 3023, 3022, and 3782. 3895 is the closest to Arlee's suggestion of an almost iridescent grey with a touch of pink, but now I am dithering - maybe I should choose the linen that it will be mounted on first.

Or perhaps a visit to the Stitcher's Muse is in order. One can never have too many shades of grey!
My sampler on a scrap of similar linen - no planning, just squiggles. The colours look a little darker when worked.


  1. I am always amazed by how 'green' a gray may look...good idea on the sampler, the stitches look so different from the threads themselves.

  2. Hmmmm. . . Your eyes see best, and I trust your vision.

  3. I love grey.

    I call it silver. I also love gold.

    I love them together. silver and gold.

    I also love red.

    Silver and gold with a little bit of red. So potent.

    Sorry, got off on a tangent.
    I trust your eye - but blue grey would look good on the cool white of the linen...yes?


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