The setting sun comes through the window at an odd angle these days, illuminating the kerosene lantern. I couldn't get a shot that was in focus for the life of me, but I kind of like the fuzzy ambiance. It's a fairly accurate reflection of life these days.

We have been having a heat wave here, up to 29 degrees Celsius. I know that for most people that is just a nice summer day, but I have totally wilted and can barely summon the strength to sip a glass of iced tea, sit in the dark, and watch murder mysteries on Netflix. Hence my lack of blog posting, or more importantly, the production of anything worth blogging about.

I am moving in two weeks, and haven't even begun to pack. And somehow, months ago, abandoning all common sense, I signed up to be part of an island artist studio tour the weekend before we move, which means I have to clean the house and hang my work in some sort of aesthetically pleasing way. I may not be blogging for a while, or the weather might change and I will have renewed energy and post something interesting everyday. Who knows???


  1. Trying to sort and pack AND keep the place tidy at the same time? Sounds rather impossible, my friend. However, I'm sure visitors will understand the Island Ambiance! Hope this move is to someplace very nice and that all goes smoothly.

  2. Anonymous2:34 AM

    I HIGHLY recommend Midsomer Murders for hot and lazy days. A good British murder is sure to send a chill down your spine. In my part of the world there are loads of free episodes on Youtube. Might be on-line in your area too. I'm sure the art tour and the move will go well. Jean-Pierre

    ps. Don't forge the G & T.

  3. you live on an island! could you ask your good man to take some photos of your open studio day!

  4. Anonymous7:25 PM

    oh, yikes. a studio tour in the middle of packing? hopefully the cooler weather will prevail - especially for those with forest fires burning at their back doors and people on the move.


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