Going Around in Circles

Two of the critters from the hamster wheel are finished. Both the mole and the yellow squirrel look downright maniacal. Interestingly, in his Histoire Naturelle Louis Nicolas deems to have a great affection for the little creatures, especially the chipmunk. He even trained a pair of them to eat out of his hand, and says that he brought them back to France and presented them to the King himself.
I have put myself on a schedule to finish the whole piece by June 25 so it can be included in a show of local artists, with a theme of "The Wheel". That means a couple of other projects are a little bit behind schedule, but the long days mean I can get lots of work done.

And on the housing front, it looks like the circle of yearly moves has become more of a sphere. A geodesic dome, in fact.
It's a very funky little hobbit house in the woods. We will move in a couple of months. It is amazingly spacious and bright inside, and according to the landlord, doesn't leak! (Domes are notorious for leaking, a bad thing when one lives in a rain forest.)
It has two levels and wraparound decks.
And a nice backyard with the original "hippy killer" stove. What a hoot!


  1. Oh AWESOME, Heather! That looks the perfect place for you as a person and as an artist :)
    Kudos to on the recent show participation, and on more work done on the Codex. You rock!

  2. Anonymous4:25 AM

    That is TOTALLY West Coast. Can't wait to visit.


  3. Well, that's what our horrid imported black squirrels look like to me - maniacal! Love the cute dome house. We had friends who built one back in the day and I so envied them the airy light space. It's perfect for you guys.

  4. This brings back memories of visiting my sister in law on Gabriola in the mid-90s. Ah the sunny days of summer!


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