A Place to Lay My Head

It was a very busy week. I hope to tell you more about the workshops I taught, but for today I just want to lie out on the lawn with this pillow for my head. I found it at a vintage consignment store in Nanaimo. I was charmed by the tidy, careful stitches worked on thin cotton - I don't even mind that the stamped pattern shows around the edges.


  1. I love it!! I'm a pillow nut. This one is so very you!! xo

  2. Me too.
    A beautiful pillow.

    One day we will meet, Heather. I would love to come over to your side of Canada for the Maiwa conference.

  3. Anonymous10:22 AM

    you find such wonderful treasures, think I need to join you in a shopping trip - nothing much interesting down here. waiting to hear about your classes.

  4. Chris8:40 AM

    I love that you use the verb "to lie" correctly; I seem to enjoy noticing how few people do!


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