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Protest at the BC Legislature against the ferry cuts. James Emler photo.
James Emler photo
 There is a big demonstration against the province's addle-brained cuts to BC Ferries in Victoria today. I was planning to be there, but circumstances didn't co-operate. But I hope the protestors are successful in achieving their goal: convincing the government to return the ferry corporation back into the fold of the Ministry of Transportation, getting rid of the bloated management structure, and making island living feasible once again for families, seniors and regular poor folk like me.
I think I found this on some social media site that I do not officially participate in. (But I lurk. There, I have confessed. It's the only way I can follow news in the community.)
"Imperfections are natural." I love it, I think it will be my new mantra.
Not a sign, (well, maybe of spring, since the grass is growing and it's not soaking wet) but an old project unearthed. There were more squares finished than I remembered, so I started piecing them together using a remnant of linen from the thrift shop, and little squares of blue for the intersections. I'm not too sure if a perfectly square grid works for or against the randomly pieced blocks, but it's a nice chunk of fabric. I'm pondering now whether I should add to it, or just sandwich it up and quilt it, then start another one. I'm liking the smaller quilts these days - this one is about 50" square right now.


  1. Anonymous11:56 AM

    That quilt shouts, "JAZZ!". beautiful rhythm.



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