Snow Daze

We've just come out on the other side of a huge snowfall and a two-day power outage. I know that for the rest of North American, that pales in comparison to the awful winter that many have experienced, but we are spoiled on the West Coast, and this kind of weather is a shock to the system.

One good thing about it all was my discovery of where all the hours in a day go. You know, those hours that I am always complaining about not having? Yes, sadly, it's no surprise: the damn internet. Without my endless procrastinating (aka "research") I found I had plenty of time to pick up and almost finish the above embroidery, which had been languishing in the work basket since last August. (I first wrote about it here.)


  1. yes, the damn internet. hi!

  2. It's a blessing and a curse - but where would we be without it? I would never have met all my lovely blog friends, for starters.

  3. yup, programmed my timewaster to shut off automatically after an hour no matter what i am doing--of course you have to search faster, type faster and edit speedling fastly, but wow what a difference in actual time to USE

  4. We didn't lose power here but I still managed to get quite a lot done during the Snow Days. It helped that we didn't go out walking at all.

    I totally loves my interwebs! I do have to discipline myself at times. Arlee's solution would drive me batty though!

  5. Anonymous2:32 PM

    I've been hand embroidering verses of an old song, to incorporate into a quilt, and have so enjoyed the process of working slowly and really thinking about the words and events that engendered them. Neat to see you doing it, too.


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