Sacred Heart

I'm just doing the "framing" quotation for the bird piece. If you watched the last little video, you will already know that it is from Psalms 63:7-8. "Man shall come to a deep heart, and God shall be exalted." This verse apparently had special meaning for the Jesuits, as taking God into one's heart is fundamental to their spiritual life and their missionary work. I was going to use the Latin version of the text, but felt the English translation was more visually interesting.

I used an Edwardian script font in my design. It has a very thick and thin line, and is slanted, so it is a bit tricky to stitch. But the little imperfections will make it fit in with the general wonkiness of Louis Nicolas's birds.

Robert le Longe painted this image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at about the same time as Pere Nicolas was drawing the Codex. A small plaque in the lower right corner references the same quote.


  1. wow..looks terrific to me. I gotta get my stitched letters together~!


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