Diary of an Indifferent Housekeeper

The wonderful artist Sylvia Oates sent the above image to me. Apparently she saw it on Facebook, so maybe it won't be new to you, but since I'm not on the aforementioned social media site and am hopelessly out of the loop, it made me laugh. A lot.
And here is the lady of the house in action. No wonder she's able to master the art of machine embroidery - her mind is at ease knowing that the dishes are done and the beds are made. The little bag of French chalk is nowhere to be seen, but my, that's a handy tip!

It's all clear to me now. My indifference to making sure the house is clean before I start sewing is only part of the problem! Neglecting the lipstick and powder, not mention making sure the seams of my stockings are straight before I sit down to the machine, is surely the reason I spend half the time cursing and the other half looking for my scissors. It's a miracle I manage to get anything accomplished at all.


  1. Not to mention your glasses! Oh yeah, so where are these nylons anyway?

  2. Stockings Jamesie, stockings.

  3. Whatever, I'm surprised you can find anything in that closet!

  4. Thank you for posting this, that is too funny!!

  5. Anonymous8:49 AM

    --so after the dishes are done you can tidy the closet. I'm off to the studio - but wait where is my lipstick?? can I wear my wooly socks?

  6. *lol*

    I have been sewing today, but beds are unmade and there are still dirty dishes.

    Never disturbed my sewing, dishes are work that do not demand much training and qualification, means DH can do it as well... *gg*


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