Strange and Singular, 2014. Hand embroidery, wool, cashmere, cotton and silk on canvas, 18"x26"
I think I am going to title it Strange and Singular after a quote from Michel Foucault, although it should probably be in French. (The quote is from The Masked Philosopher.
Curiosity is a new vice that has been stigmatized in turn by Christianity, by philosophy, and even by a certain conception of science. Curiosity, futility. The word, however, pleases me. To me it suggests something altogether different: it evokes "concern"; it evokes the care one takes for what exists and could exist; a readiness to find strange and singular what surrounds us; a certain relentlessness to break up our familiarities and to regard otherwise the same things; a fervor to grasp what is happening and what passes; a casualness in regard to the traditional hierarchies of the important and the essential.
My partner James has a new venture that I strongly (and without bias!) encourage you to check out. His new book Dreams and Realities is available as the first offering from Blue Iris Editions, his publishing company, which will offer ebooks and limited edition folios. He is also looking for submissions, so if you have a project you think will be suitable, please do get in touch with him.


  1. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Hi Heather,

    I guess there is nowhere to comment 'in general' on a blog but I'll choose this post of your finished Codex Canadensis to congratulate you on it's completion. Also just to say how much I admire your work in general.

    I enjoyed your recent videos too, I listened to every word you said. That, and watching you embroider in the little red heart really captured the layers of interpretation of this image over the ages. The process you go through is so meditative and slow, you are so patient! It's really remarkable and watching the red wing develop in real time really touched me.

    Well, I could go on. Because all your little and large pieces of art are so inspiring. I am not a fabric artist but as someone who struggles with artistic process I admire and am inspired by the many creations you let loose in the world and your humble way of doing so. I mean 'humble' in the nicest way possible.
    Thank you for your blog. - Gaetanne


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