Selling My Wares

Here is my display at the Craft Fair: pillows, books, pin cushions and hot water bottle cosies. I thought of adopting a persona for the day: a little old blue-haired lady, selling off her treasures before moving to the care home. I even bought the blue hair dye, but decided in the end that it might clash with all the pastels.
The "Speed" pencil box is a re-make, using a vintage label found at the Lasqueti Free Store, pasted onto a beautiful cloth-covered box that I just learned how to make from one of Sage Reynolds's fantastic videos.
Here is a linen-covered coptic bound sketch book with one of my favourite vintage potholders on the front. It was hard to let this one go.
I was recently given a pristine copy of Mme. Therese de Dillmont's Encyclopedia of Needlework, and so I made a slipcase for it, again following one of Sage Reynolds's tutorials. ( I am so impressed with Sage's technique - I found his videos even more riveting than the latest George Clooney movie. But then again, I am a nerd for bookbinding.)
This was the scene across the aisle. The St. Martin's ladies totally cleaned up, selling almost every last crumb of their baked goods.

How did I do? Well, I sold about a third of my stuff, which was pretty good, I guess. And I think everything went to a good home, which is important to me. But I over-estimated my social skills, as I felt seriously overwhelmed by the crowds. I would have felt a lot more comfortable if I had known more people - it seemed like everyone there was having a good chat with some long-lost friend. Oh well, it's a small community, next year will be better, if I do it.

And what is happening with the stuff I didn't sell? I am thinking I might put it up for sale on the blog - I used to have an Etsy shop but have let that lapse. But if I can work out the logistics, there might be some goodies here the next time you drop by.


  1. I thought you did really well. It was a learning experience to be sure and I think it was a bit confronting too. But many people loved your work and those who bought it were very pleased.

  2. Anonymous8:29 PM

    your display looks grand. I was thinking about you and wondered how it went. if you work out how to sell on your blog I would be interested in the details. hope you are keeping warm.

  3. A really lovely display!

    And I should start bookbinding, I guess. My Therese de Dillmont (French version) could do with a slipcase also.

    Your blog is always so inspiring!

  4. Heather, I have found you in the blog-o-sphere at last. You have been such a huge inspiration to are AMAZING!!! And I adore you....Ranza xo

  5. Heather, our friend Muriel was selling her home made Almond Roca at this stand....her husband Tom, a deep and dear friend to Kevin, died of stomach cancer this year (sudden).....and his passing has contributed to K's ongoing depression....I came to the market to see both her and you....I bought some of her baked goods....and had no $ to buy yours....I think my nieces would love your pin nice to see you there. love, R xo


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