Review: Mark Making in Textile Art

I just borrowed Helen Parrott's Mark Making from the library and it's definitely going on my wish list. Her approach has developed over 20 years of quilting, embroidery and textile art, inspired by landscape and nature.
The cover of the Batsford (UK) edition actually reflects Parrott's work a little more accurately than the very colourful, ingeniously diecut Interweave edition, as her style is very much about repetition and texture.

The book would be an excellent text for an art school embroidery course, as it builds skills from the very basics, including the elements of design as per Bauhaus. It would also be interesting to use as a guide for a guild study group. Parrott makes some wonderful recommendations on tools and materials, and has a very warm, supportive writing voice. She is not aiming to turn her readers into imitations of herself, but encourages the development of a personal style. She also offers some solid ideas for keeping one's studio practice fresh and strategies for getting unstuck if felling caught in a rut.

It's a winner! And you could be too if you leave a comment on the Call it Karma Contest post I did a few days ago.

And, for another take on texile mark-making, do check out Judy Martin's latest masterwork .


  1. Stephanie6:37 PM

    It looks like a beautiful book.

  2. This is definitely going to my personal wishlist!

    (Amazon allows access to some pages of the book, so I could get a glimpse myself.)


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