Treasure Hunt

Just another drive-by posting to show off my finds from a visit to the local recycling depot yesterday. A Chinese workbasket, a beaded evening bag in perfect condition, two spools of thread - one silk!, and a stoneware jug made by Gordon Reisig - a Yarrow, BC potter who I remember visiting with my Grade 11 ceramics class! He appeared to be living the rock star lifestyle I aspired to at the time - little house in a small rural community, making art and hosting gaggles of adoring 15-year-olds. (Hmmm, I may have achieved my dream. Hardly a rock star though. But I wouldn't want to be visited by a bunch of teenagers anyway!)
The beaded bag inspired me to get out my little collection of fancy evening bags, most inherited from my Great-Aunt Margie. (And I am reminded that my friend Jean posted about such lovely little bags a while ago on her blog One Small Stitch.) Aunt Margie may have actually had the opportunity to use them. I, alas, don't get invited to the high society events that she did.
My favourite is this hand-beaded silk satin reticule. (The straps have fallen over each other, so this picture doesn't give the full effect. Maybe I can re-shoot with a model.) Quite old, I think.


  1. Anonymous11:02 AM

    the thrill of the hunt - such wonderful finds are what keep us going. rock on, girl!!

  2. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Mrs. Mandu would highly approve of your bag collection.



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