Time Worn

Don't worry, I haven't been pining away for poor old Lou. Between windstorms and power outages things have been a little disrupted here on the island. The fall colours are giving way to subtle shades of time worn beauty. Above, the vanilla leaf mingles gently with the oregon grape and fallen bits of cedar.
I must confess to taking part in an upcoming Christmas craft fair. Not usually my thing, but I am told it is the premiere event of the season.  I'm sharing a table with my neighbour Robin, who is a wonderful quilter in the traditional Mennonite style. She loves using old cloth, particularly men's suits, for her quilts so we hope that our work will be complementary. I've just made a set of large-ish (18") pillow covers out of an extremely well-worn quilt that I brought with me from Saskatchewan. I had mended and re-quilted it, but some of the patches were starting to disintegrate, so I cut out the worst bits and used the rest, edging it with my favourite cotton pom pom fringe that I found several years ago at a Swap-o-rama-rama in California.
The opening at the back buttons up. I used an odd variety from the button jar. It was a pleasure working with the old quilt once again, and I am secretly hoping these pillow covers don't sell, so I can keep them!

Today also marks my favourite holiday of the year, when we turn our clocks back and time suddenly seems like a bountiful, luxurious thing to lazily wallow in. What did I do with my precious extra hour? Cleaned the stove and did the laundry, natch!


  1. Anonymous11:06 AM

    love the cushion covers - if by any slim chance they don't sell in the first minute please can you put my name on one??


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