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Welcome to another episode in the ongoing saga of "Tripping Down the Well-Trod Path", wherein Heather embarks on an easy project and proceeds to screw it up in every way possible, but eventually manages to make it all work.

Today our intrepid heroine decides to take a thrift store shirt and some scraps of curtain fabric and make a knitting bag, thus creating beauty and usefulness where previously there was none. In her eagerness to put it together, she accidentally cuts one piece of flowered cloth upside down, necessitating an on-the-spot re-design.
Then, in splicing the scraps of quilt batting for the interlining, she manages to join one of the pieces topsy-turvy. With an ironic bit of timing, just before discovering her error, she announces to nobody in particular that she is an idiot. And then sees her error: "Proof positive!"
She is able to redeem herself somewhat with an inspired label design, stitching her own name over the Banana Republic label that came with the shirt that is to be the bag's lining. No matter that the sewing machine is in dire need of servicing and skips a few stitches - it's still a fun idea!
The racy red interior of the bag is made from the front and back of a size small linen shirt. No need to remove the chest pocket - it becomes a handy repository for a few notions or even a cell phone. Never mind that it takes hours longer than it should have - the show ends with Heather squealing with glee at her finished creation.

Next week: Heather displays her wares at the local craft market and mayhem ensues.


  1. I'm sure that I am the envy of everyone who reads these posts Heather. They probably think you are this witty all the time though and don't realize that there are storms, thunder and lightning that surround these creative endeavours when you realize a folly or mistake. But I tell you, I miss them every day that I am not with you. I'm also looking forward to a good meal for a change. I'll be home on the weekend Heather and wild horses will not drag me away.

  2. Psst, James, don't blow my cover! My story is that I am this witty all the time, and I'm sticking to it!

  3. Ha, love the above comment from James! You inspired me in this project. I have been collecting these handles for awhile now and have either no time or idea to make a bag to go with them. Thanks for sharing - hugs Nat

  4. Anonymous9:00 PM

    I have a feeling Banana Republic will be selling knitting bags based on your design very soon. They'll dub it The Heather.


  5. Can't wait to read the next installment! Love the finished product, and the minor mishaps en route make it all the more precious, dear capitalist of the heart!

  6. So lovely!
    Greetings from Finland! :)
    Ulla's Quilt World
    Hugs, Ulla

  7. Anonymous11:59 AM

    WOW - love the lining and the "new" label. it has an old fashioned look, reminds me of one my mom used for years. hope to see you Saturday.

  8. I LOVE reading your posts and seeing all the warts as well as the beauty :) Those who can't see or appreciate the absurd in life are so boring!


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