So Sad

Lou Reed has died. I am in shock. I guess this is my "John is dead" moment. The Beatles never meant much to me, but Lou Reed offered hope that there was room in the world for disaffected, outcast teenagers such as myself. I remember reading a quote of  his once: "It's good to be on the edge. You can see a lot farther from there."
Me in 1977. I embroidered "Sister Ray" on the t-shirt to denote my outsider status. ("Sister Ray" was a Velvet Underground song.) See! I knew I could bring in sewing somehow to this posting!
I have been lucky to see him perform live several times over the years, once actually doing spoken word poetry. He was the coolest of the cool.

Patti Smith wrote this piece in the New Yorker.


  1. i was shocked to hear he was 71--aren't we all/weren't we all young then/still????

  2. Was a nice programme on BBC R6 yesterday, the Tom Robinson show, that played all the old, great songs in tribute. He's walking on the wild side tonight Heather. I think he'll quite enjoy that. Least I hope so. Love goes out to Laurie, and his family; and everyone touched by the news.


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