I May Be Losing My Mind

I suppose this is the kind of thing that one has Facebook forums for, but I got that monkey off my back several years ago, so I will ask my question here.

How is it possible to take a square, on grain length of fabric, cut it in half, hem it, and end up with one piece an inch longer than the other? All my hems are identical.

Could it have been the building frustration of the water delivery guy not returning my calls after I discovered the cistern is dry? And so is the well? Luckily I have lived on Lasqueti, so I am comfortable peeing in a bucket and not washing for a few days in a row (news flash: it's not as bad as you'd think!), and here on Gabriola I can actually buy drinking water from the store. And who wants to wash dishes anyway? But what if the water delivery guy is out of water and that's why he hasn't returned my increasingly desperate messages? What if I never have water again?

I may have put a little too much tension on the second piece of fabric as I stitched. Do ya think?


  1. Anonymous11:39 AM

    how can the water man be out of water?? on the Wet Coast! of course we ran out of water when on SSI so it does happen. good luck, maybe the rain will come. good luck with the seams, too. jean

  2. The water man cameth on Sunday morning, surly as all get out. But I am so glad to be able to flush again!

  3. Great to hear, you have water again!

    Beeing able to wash isn't bad after all. ;)

    (If my sewing does not end up the same length, normally my cutting was not so centered as I had thought... but there are still unsolved mysteries in sewing... ;-) )

  4. Some days one just should never get out of bed. I went to have a shower after lunch, appreciating anew just what a luxury that is, and was sorely disappointed to have the stream of hot water taper to a mere trickle almost immediately. I figured it was the filters, wrapped a towel around myself and went to investigate. Indeed the coarse filter was completely clogged, but it took me several minutes and much cursing just to get the housing off. I apparently have no upper-body strength.

    So, okay replace the filters ASAP. Arbutus is closed. The next door neighbours are away. Their shed, where I imagine they have enough filters squirreled away to last until hell freezes over, is locked. So I take the plugged filter over to their house and use their outdoor hose to power wash enough of the gunk off it to get me through til tomorrow.
    I replace the filter.(By this point, I have put clothes on.) I turn on the water and immediately there is a great whoosh and water sprays everywhere. I apparently lack the hand strength to properly tighten the housing.

    So, I once again shut off the water and use the age old method of cursing and a hammer to tighten the housing properly. This time, when I turn the water on, everything seems to work. I change into dry clothes and make myself a cup of hot chocolate to steady my nerves, it being too early for whiskey.

  5. Anonymous10:21 PM

    after all of that I imagine it is never to early for whiskey! well done, you did it yourself. :)

  6. Ummm...you live on an island because it's beautiful and peaceful, right? Not because it's at all convenient! Your water adventures remind me of our recent two months camping in our VW van. Hope everything is functional finally!

  7. Ever tried the Indian techniqe of bucket wash?

    Extremely efficient, especially with water shortage or plumbing problems...

  8. I must admit that I chuckled at your follow-up to this state-of-affairs----an indication that I empathize with you deeply. . .

    Also, it appears that your water problems corresponded (to the day) to my own blogging problems. I mention this not because they're [obviously, anyway] similar, but because I can relate to the feelings you describe so well----basically, a lack of patience. I was itching with it, too.


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