Colour and Fog

 It is definitely autumn. My giant hosta is putting on quite a show of colour before it retreats into the earth.
It has been very foggy here for the last several days. As a former yoga teacher of mine used to say, "At this time of year the veils between the spheres become very thin."
There are mushrooms everywhere - mostly giant boletus and something that looks like portobello. I hadn't seen this kind of shaggy toadstool before, but it popped up yesterday beside the driveway.
And yes, I replaced the cord on the pincushion with something that works a little better. Took out the dark blue and replaced it with a lighter hue. And I glued it on, instead of whipstitching.

Did anybody think it odd/perverse of me to feature such a quotidian  little project after my extended rant on the perception of textiles/craft by the fine arts folks? It only occurred to me last night when I was lying in bed: "How the hell I am going to make my case for the equal status of fibre as a fine art medium when the next thing I do is go all Martha Stewart and build a pincushion?" 
To be clear, I don't consider this pincushion art. But I will use it to make art.
So there.


  1. Oh Heather, who the hell cares if it's art or not. Your joy and skill at making things is more important than anything.

    Always remember Art rhymes with Fart and there's always some wind-maker out there who has little more to contribute than the latter to make their presence known.

  2. Hey, even artists can do fun things as well. (When you cook it isn't art either, right? Life consists of more than one thing, so you still are an artist, even if you do not produce art 24hrs/day, ;-) )

    And I liked your tutorial, I had never seen a pincusion like that.

    (If you are interested... at the Bernina Blog I stumbled over an exhibition of textile art in Germany. Text is in German, but there are a lot of pictures: )

  3. lovely to make our own tools though too :)

  4. Ha Heather! thanks for sharing how to make a monster pincushion! I made an odd little pincushion last month do you think it's contagious !?


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