Don't Eat Us

Deuteronomy I (2013) hand embroidery, wool, cashmere and cotton on canvas, 18"x26"
The Latin text says: "These are they ye shall not eat:". I can't imagine these birds would be very tasty anyway, probably like fish-flavoured rubber bands! They are, from the top down: a young American eagle; a nighthawk; a small hawk (maybe a sharp-shinned); and a gyrfalcon.

This panel completes Deuteronomy. The four panels are meant to be viewed as a series, which I hope to present to you via the magic of Photoshop. Maybe tomorrow, if all goes well.

Pretty hirsute for a bald eagle! I just stitch them as I see them, or rather, as Louis Nicolas saw them.
The nighthawk, which isn't really a hawk, so technically doesn't belong on this page, feeds mainly on insects. I love his long tongue and the alien-looking bug.

I'm not yet done with the Codex. No rest for this wicked one. But I do have a couple of sewing jobs for other people, so will have a wee break.


  1. Although a little disturbing your birds look attractive and not 'immundas' at all! I wonder why they were described as 'dirty'.

  2. It's a puzzler indeed, Blandina. My Jewish uncle tells me the dietary laws in the Bible prohibit "unclean" animals. Hawks are carrion eaters, but I don't think swans are!

  3. I love these birds. They are real characters. I would love to see them animated and having their own franchise!

    Good work - keep going.


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