"This Sucks!"

The Cold That Will Not End has reduced my vocabulary to that of an eleven-year-old. Rather than go on about how BORED I am lying around doing nothing, I thought I should do a blog posting in the brief gap between coughing fits.

While the amount of phlegm I have been producing makes me wonder if there is any room for a brain in my stuffed-up cranium, I have been thinking the odd thought. Like how everyone I tell about this awful cold seems to know someone who has had it, "and then it turned into pneumonia". I am not being afflicted by a unique situation. If this bug is so prevalent, and nasty, why isn't there some kind of alert in the media? Perhaps face masks should be issued?

And there must be some kind of economic impact. As I enter the thirty-fourth day of coughing up a lung, I wonder what a person who had an actual job would do. I mean, I can barely sit up for half an hour. Who can afford to take that much time off work? Surely this has affected the GNP. I would alert a CBC reporter, if they had any.
All this time spent lying around in bed has given me an opportunity to contemplate the ceiling, the wallpaper, my hands... Hmmn, my hands, my favourite body part, those digital miracles that can perform the most amazing tasks. Fairly unassuming looking, given their talents. But what's with the first knuckle of my right pinkie? It's twice the size of the one on the left hand. And when I do things, like knit, or stitch, or even write, it hurts. 

It can't be the first sign of the dread arthritis. Can it? All my other fingers are fine. How much work does a pinkie do anyway? This must be some sort of anomaly. See how it bends funny? Unlike the one on the left that is straight?

Maybe this knuckle thing has occurred to other fibre people. I would love to know if you have any tips for keeping the hands limber and fit.
There is some news on the sewing front. The red tuxedo had its first fitting on Sunday. I discovered that the lad was about 6 inches taller than when I last saw him. Luckily I had added length to the pants and sleeves. Everything else fit surprisingly well, considering I wasn't able to confirm his measurements before cutting. It won't take long to tweak things here and there and insert the lining - the due date is Saturday. My big concern is that he seemed to expect the suit to fit like his everyday t-shirts and baggy jeans, but I'm sure that between his mother and his date that will get sorted out. He'll look so snazzy even Daniel Craig will get put on notice.


  1. Anonymous6:52 PM

    oh, Heather, sorry to hear you've been so under the weather (where did that phrase come from??) I hope you are soon feeling better - maybe once that red suit is finished. sending you healing thoughts.

  2. Oh poor you! So sorry you have the Dreaded Bug From Hell, Heather. Hope you feel better soon. Your poor finger looks unhappy too. You do know there are doctors who can perhaps answer these important health questions, don't you?

  3. I often think that if something happened to my hands, it would be better to die for me. My creativity flows through my hands and since I have arthritis in the backbone I often wonder if it will reach my hands as well.
    Someone told me that if you keep knitting arthritis will not get you, I do not know if this is true but I keep knitting, and knitting and knitting...
    All the best for your cold, did you try omeopathy?

  4. Oh Louisa, you are too funny. I did ask the doc about my finger and he just said, oh, it's probably arthritis, nothing we can do, take aspirin if it gets worse. And as to the cold, he said, oh, it's going around, drink lots of liquid. He's of the "If it hasn't fallen off, you're probably okay" School of Medicine. I feel my blog friends probably have more wisdom, and share my fear of having their hands not work properly.

  5. sorry to hear you are sick. lousy really. and i have a great fear of the arthritis that has plagued mom all theses years. Keep moving!

  6. Anonymous8:49 AM

    I still say get some fresh ginger and grate it into a pulp. Put some in a mug and add freshly squeezed lemon juice. Last, add honey or brown sugar to taste. Pour in hot water and after you stir it well, drink. Take this prescription in the morning, noon and night. It can't hurt and it might actually help. Tastes good too. Hope you get better soon.


    @s/ You might want to add a dash of rum.


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