Back in the Land of the Living

I may finally be seeing that nasty virus in the rear-view mirror. I don't want to be cocky about it though, as it has toyed with me before, letting me think that I may have escaped its clutches only to grasp me even tighter for the next go round. But here's hoping. I have enriched the coffers of  Kleenex and Fisherman's Friend far beyond what should be expected of the average bear.

Here's the big news: the red tuxedo is finished! And delivered! I inexplicably went through several hours of worry even after I had delivered the suit, but that feeling dissipated and I started to feel lighter and freer than I had in weeks.
As it turned out, the suit was almost impossible to photograph, so powerful was its redness.
But here's a score! I found a wooden ironing board at the local Free Store. It was made in Burnaby, BC, by the Western Crown Manufacturing Company, which is no longer in existence. In fact I couldn't find any record of it ever existing, at least in a Google search. It is perversely nice to know that there are still a few things in the universe that can't be found by Google. I am somewhat curious about Western Crown though, since they seem to have made such lovely woodenwares as clothes dryers, ladders, brooms, wheelbarrows and washboards, all of locally harvested lumber, I assume.
The ironing board is a little low for me to comfortably use, but I think it could make a great display shelf or side table for my new sewing room. I might make a nice padded cover for it out of some vintage fabric.


  1. It is nice to have some wood accessories in the house instead of the ever present, appalling plastic. Alas, it becomes more and more difficult to find them!

  2. Anonymous8:32 AM

    ...I won't jinx the healing process by saying I'm happy - just keep well. I look at wooden boards whenever I see them and am tempted. Gave my Mom's to one of my boys and have regretted it - no doubt his wife sent it to the dump!

  3. I found a wooden ironing board when I moved into this house in 1979. I've been using it ever since! No name on it but I don't think it's the same manufacturer as yours because the legs look quite different with more wood and less metal.

    Stay well, hon'!

  4. I've got the exact same ironing board. It was my grandmothers, so I'm a little sentimental about it. I've used it constantly for the past many years, just changing the cover. However, I keep the original horsehair padding. Same colour as well.

  5. Anonymous4:35 PM

    I too have this same ironing board, I received it as a gag gift at my wedding shower. The label is the same as above but completely in tact. Will not be parting with this any time soon.


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