Well, It's About Time!

The Quilt, otherwise known as the "Project Without End" has finally been completed. Yesterday, all I had to do was trim it (above), and bind it (below). After countless hours of hand stitching, using the machine felt like a cheat. But there was no way I was going to attach the binding by hand.
Appropriately enough, I delivered the quilt on Mother's Day to Judy, the daughter of Melba, who began the project a long time ago. We are not sure if 2001 is indeed when she started. The pattern itself , an Orange Blossom applique, dates from 1947, published by Mountain Mist. Judy intends to give the quilt to her own daughter next month as a 50th birthday present. 
Thank goodness for the elves in the washing machine, who transformed the grubby, flat cloth into something much closer to a soft, puffy, much-loved heirloom. I had to use lemon juice and a bit of hydrogen peroxide to get out some old stains that pre-dated my relationship with the piece.
Now I can get back to my own stitching. No, wait. I have to sew a graduation suit for a friend's son, and create a chuppah for another friend's wedding. Stick around, elves, I've got more to keep you busy!


  1. 12 years in the making, well that could seem like a long time, but of course we 'know' better....so many pieces are still waiting patiently and are older than my two sons of 14 and 16

    congratulations btw with the final result and on finishing it!!

  2. What a labour of love, Heather! Nice finishing it for them after the poor thing languished for so long. Glad it cleaned up so well too.

  3. Anonymous2:25 PM

    I love the first picture - you look delighted. Hope the family appreciates all your careful work.

  4. Anonymous3:14 AM

    The Quilt Docotr saves another family heirloom in need of skilled hands. Wonderful work. Must have felt like running a marathon.


  5. Fantastic! Congratulations for clearing that out of your creative life.


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