Sewing with Ms. Grumpypants

photo courtesy of Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce
Today is one of those days when even my hair is bugging me. Little strands come loose from my ponytail and  tickle my nose. Normally, I wouldn't notice, but today, with the rain pouring down outside, and me and Gracie grumpily indoors, it's driving me crazy.

It doesn't help that I'm trying to cut out and sew a red tuxedo on a table that's only 3x4 feet, with insufficient light. And that the fabric for said suit is demon polyester, bought by my client in spite of my best advice. Grrr...

Yesterday I went on an expedition to Nanaimo (a First Nations word meaning "Land of Many Malls") in search of interfacing. I ended up at Fabricland, that most dismal of fabric stores. Everything is always on sale there, but you need to be a member, and a membership costs $15, which, when added up, works out to just slightly less than what you'd pay if you weren't a member. Most of their fabric is polyester of course, and the selection beyond depressing. Bolts and bolts of animal prints and sleazy taffeta. Believe it or not, there was no broadcloth, cotton or otherwise, in a plain primary red, which I needed for the pocket linings of the suit. I ended up having to buy a premium "Heritage Cotton" that was three times the price of the regular broadcloth.

The only humour I could glean from the trip was the sighting of a grizzled older man wearing a snappy ensemble of black and red AC/DC pajama bottoms and a matching ball cap. Ah, Nanaimo, a city totally lacking in irony.

And while I'm here complaining, I wish our crooked Canadian politicians were better looking. I'm getting tired of seeing their bloated, pasty faces every time I turn on the CBC. C'mon Justin Trudeau, can't you get involved in a sex scandal or something? Just for my sake?


  1. Oh dear! I feel your pain, Heather. Fabricland, polyester, politicians, rain and all. At least the rain should clear up - eventually!

  2. Anonymous10:35 AM

    --yup! endless rain here, too. you forgot to add that the strange smell of sizing/chemicals at FL is not mood enhancing or good for allergies. I'm just plain sick of Canadian politicians but decent, honest, ethical people don't make news.

  3. Are there decent, honest and ethical people among politicians?!?
    I understand you so well, polyester makes me depressed. Luckily here in Europe it is still possible to find natural fibers at reasonable prices.


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