Overnight Success

Back in 2007, I did a blog posting about the Ecological Footprint of a T-Shirt. In the last two days, that particular posting has had a huge surge in hits. What gives? Was that topic assigned in a classroom and the students are all doing their research the lazy way? Are American Eagle's lawyers finally on to me for using that company as an example of bad corporate citizenship? I don't know why, but I'm glad someone is reading what still holds up as one of my better posts.


  1. Nice post. I live on a little island with a free store, and still lots of stuff gets sent to 'the big island' for further processing.
    All this consumer driven crapola drives me batty.... And don't get me started on the larger footprint created by pesticide use in growing the cotton. I have made a vow to use organic cotton and other more sustainable fabrics, like linen and re-used cloth, in my art and craft work.
    Love your work.

  2. I used to sell fabric to them, all of these horrible situation got worse as more and more garments were made off shore. i also lost my job becaue of the changes in the industry.
    great post.
    still news.


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