Everything is Groovy...Still!

"Hey punk, where are ya going with those flowers in your hair?" To the Love-In, of course! The Gabriola Museum has unveiled a new exhibit featuring the hippies who came to the island back in the '70's, and kicked it off with a celebration. I tried to dress appropriately.
 Couldn't match this trippy couple! 
 Or this fabulous jacket! Like wow, man!
Prior to the event, I had been advised by a guy down at the recycling centre that the brownies on the left were the "good" ones. Sadly, I think he was misinformed.
 Some more psychedelic finery, recycled from Dad's tie rack.
 Tie dye was the order of the day.
 Topped only by tie-dyed patchwork!
 And here's a pair of original flares, circa 1972. Remember when all you had to do to look like a rebel was modify your jeans?
Love, love, love those rainbow suspenders paired with the Che Guevera shirt! And I don't think this guy consciously dressed for the event either. Authentic hippy all the way.
 And I couldn't resist taking a picture of this little three-wheeler, a Messerschmidt. It wasn't part of the exhibit, but just imagine the Fabulous Furry Freak Brother piling out of it!


  1. Anonymous5:43 AM

    Time stands still in a few wonderful places on this planet. The vibe hasn't changed much on Gabriola since the 60's thank heavens. I know A LOT of Gabriolans are up in arms about the proposed oil pipeline from Alberta and they are very, very actively doing everything they can to oppose it. Yes, time stands still in places like Gabriola and with it, some important, old values are preserved, like the quaint concept of SPEAKING OUT against super-rich oil corporations and evil/stupid/greedy PrimeMinisters. GO GABRIOLA,GO!

  2. Anonymous9:42 AM

    --ah, island life! just too funny, we need more of those crazy days.

  3. What fun! OK, I admit I was somewhat of a hippie in the late '60's but by the early '70's was too busy having kids and being a housewife. Grew up and settled down. Odd though how hippies have become a joking cliche when so many of the ideals were actually worthwhile. Care for each other and the planet. Do your own thing. Live minimally. However, I'm so NOT painting flowers on my VW van. I like her in her plain blues! :)


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