Time Out

From The Reconstructionists, a project by Maria Popova and Lisa Congdon
Don't worry, Stompin' Tom's death didn't send me into a downward spiral of bloglessness. I have though, been away from computer and camera, and not doing much stitching. Instead, I've been dealing with stuff, both my own piles of boxes of fabric and books, and other people's. Hopefully, I'm now back to work.

While I was out gallivanting, I found an amazing little shop called The Stitcher's Muse. The lovely ladies that run the shop are so into stitching, and they do mail order. Their online shop is still being expanded, but if you don't see what you want, just give them a call and they can hook you up with the most beautiful hand-dyed silks, gorgeous turned wood sewing accessories, specialty needles, lace-making supplies and the biggest selection of scissors I have ever seen.


  1. Anonymous8:32 AM

    love the quote on the art work - the art is great as well. keep on stitchin'

  2. glad you're 'back' I was thinking the other day: wonder what Heather is up to? you always have interesting posts QED above.


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