Visualizing Swirled Tea

Image from The Graphic Fairy, quite a good site to waste time on.
I know it's time to do a post when I start getting emails from friends wondering if I'm okay. Rest assured, I'm fine, it's just not very exciting around here right now. I just spent several minutes pouring myself a cup of tea, adding milk, and watching it swirl in the cup, and I thought about the earth we live on and how its motion affects everything. (Yeah, I know. I need to get out more.)

But such moments of contemplation are one of the big pluses of living on a small, remote island. Freed of all the bright, shiny distractions of the city, its easy to be at peace and notice the little things.

I have been busy filling out a grant application and organizing a proposal to send out to galleries. It means sitting in front of a computer and dealing with the frustrations of a dodgy internet connection. It's great that it is possible to do this stuff online now, nice to be free of the fiddliness of labeling slides and printing out CV's. But it still takes as much time, if not more.

And the second panel of Deuteronomy is almost done, I might even finish it today.

The moon has been shining noticeably brightly the last few evenings. Apparently the February moon is known as the Snow or Hunger Moon, but here in the Pacific Northwest  we have nettles starting to poke their heads up, and it was so warm today I took my shirt off at the beach to generate a little Vitamin D. (That's another plus of living on a small, remote island. No one to see you take your shirt off!)


  1. your island life sounds idyllic

  2. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Good luck with the grant application. If you get it your wrok can be seen by more people and that's really a good thing.

    Tea cups... One of the unsung craft-arts of the feminine world. Even Emily Carr speaks of tea cup painting in one of her books and that's just 100 years ago. All those fine young ladies painting their hearts out , probably wishing they could just throw the damn tea cup against the wall and smash it to smithereens.



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