Whoo Whoo

Who is watching who?
Louis Nicolas calls the owl coucoucouou, which seems very appropriate. He has included a heron (top) and a crane below. I loved stitching these birds. Now for a border - I have four ideas and will do some thumbnails to see what will work best. I have to keep in mind that there is going to be another panel  on the left, so the design has to work both individually and for the pair.


  1. I just love these birds, especially the way they're 'superimposed'

  2. This is truly amazing! Thank you for showing it. You are so FAST!!!!! The skill, and detail is just stunning. And I also LOVE the way you've used space too; the canvas showing through your stitches. Beautifully judged; contrast of dark and light. I'm so in awe of your stitches.


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