Bottle Babies

The kids are growing fast. The little female's leg has healed just fine. She's the one on the left. The male is a little bigger and thirstier. Mama Bailey is now known as Aunt Bailey, since after being separated from her babies for a day she lost her inclination to let them nurse. So she is milked by hand, then her milk fed to the kids via human baby bottles. The kids are wearing little polarfleece coats( ingeniously recycled from the arms of an old jacket) to help keep them warm.
I am almost done the first owl panel. I'm very pleased with how it's coming. I'm still not sure about a border, but it will make itself known.

Bower (2012) hand embroidery, wool and cotolin thread on canvas, 50"(w)x60"(h)
And I realize that I didn't post the final version of "Bower". Here it is.


  1. Such cute little bottle kids! That's what you get for separating them before they get properly bonded with mom. A lot of work! But I'm sure worth it in the end.

    Love the first owl's wild eyes! Another wonderful project.

  2. onesmallstitch11:15 AM

    bottle fed babies are so-o cute but quickly become little pests- how do I know?? the owls are marvelous, can't wait to see what you design for the border.

  3. oooh I like this owl! Your mark-making skills are really coming through in this. Have you seen the CD cover for 'Seventh Tree' by Goldfrapp? Alison Goldfrapp draws owls on it; and Will Gregory is pictured wearing a whole owl outfit! It's very striking. As is your stitching.


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