This Is My Brain on Fibre

I have written before about my recurring dream in which I find myself amidst a treasure trove of beautiful textiles,  and told I can take whatever I want. When I go to leave my armload of fantastic stuff turns to dust, or is misplaced, or taken by someone else. There is a feeling of loss.

Well, last night I had the complete opposite of that dream. I was taken to visit some distant relative who gave me a bag of her unused knitting and sewing things. When I opened the bag I found a lot of junk - tail ends of balls of crochet cotton, nasty acrylic yarn, yellowing plastic baggies filled with polyester. And at the bottom of the bag was a bill for $100 - it wasn't a gift at all! I was angry and grabbed a handful of shiny purple polyester fibre and held it into the air and yelled: "Polyester equals Death!" I was asked to leave, which I did quite happily.

Where is Dr. Freud when you need him?


  1. I love the weird places our sleeping minds take us! But I'm betting old Freud wouldn't understand the yarn thing. He'd think it was a metaphor for something else.

  2. Anonymous6:40 AM

    "Organic" yams wrapped in plastic and deadly polyester certainly doesn't require a Dr. Freud. I'm guessing that you simply hate the ever-increasing con of the modern world that substitutes the artificial for the natural any chance it can. We all see it. Every time I go to the super market and see rows and rows of canned and bottled and pre-cooked and prepared foods and I wonder, was it always like this? When I was a child, surely the ratio of fresh foods to industrialized foods must have been greater. Thank god there is still a fresh vegetable and fruit section and fresh fish and meat can be had but I always wonder, for how much longer? When will the market be completely taken over by artificial flavours whipped up in a corporate laboratory? It was just a bad dream. Take a walk in the woods tomorrow with Gracie and I'm sure it will go away. Merry Christmas!


  3. Mr Freud would tell you, that the interpretation is up to the dreamer anyhow... ;-)

    (And Merry Christmas!)


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