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In case you are concerned that I might be going all academic here, don't worry. My creative process is sort of an ebb and flow between immersion in the non-verbal world of working with my hands, drawing and stitching intuitively, and then emerging back into the shared space of words, trying to communicate what happened while I was off and away. Like trying to remember a dream. Sometimes seeing how other people do that is helpful. A good example is Judy Martin , who I think is great at talking about her work in a clear way.

There's a new book out called Hand Stitch Perspectives, edited by Anne Kettle and Jane McKeating. So far it seems it is only available in the U.K., but I have ordered a copy sight unseen, so intriguing is the premise. A list of the authors and their topics can be found on the Bloomsbury web site.

And if you have any interest in perusing some academic papers that are trying to decode the meaning of embroidery in different cultures, here are the links to three papers that I recently downloaded:

Finally, some of you have expressed alarm at my recent posting about getting rid of my books. Don't worry, I only gave away a portion of them. I still have a ton, which are safely on Salt Spring and still accessible. I just don't have them close to hand, which, yes, has already been an issue for me. Maybe that's why I have been searching on-line for information.


  1. the chef is happy to be a research assistant just let me know if you want anything sent off

  2. I do love the feel of a book in my hands, but must admit that having an e-library would not be a bad thing either.

    Now, the book that stitching done on window screen???

  3. Vicky, I haven't seen the actual book yet so I'm not sure, but my guess is that the picture is a extreme close up of perle cotton on a gauze of some sort. But you're right, it could be window screen.

  4. Anonymous2:30 AM

    Front Cover
    Anne Jones
    Buttonhole insertion stitch,2011.
    Space dyed machine thread on a layer of sheer fabric over white cotton organdie.
    7x7 inches

    Frontispiece is also Anne Jones stitching into knitted wire.

    I have this book and I am enjoying the opportunity to read well researched, in-depth articles by a variety of authors.

  5. i have their 'machine stitch perspectives', which is a wonderful book! haven't read it as such; have dipped in and out. but the photos are fantastic!


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