Corporate Plot to Hook Dogs on Sugar!!!

Please forgive me for interrupting our regular programming for a short rant on behalf of our canine friends.

I was grabbing some groceries before heading to the ferry, and made a classic impulse buy of the above product, Milk-Bone Essentials Plus "Everyday Healthy Dog Treats". I knew Gracie was out waiting patiently in the car and thought "She deserves a treat. And could use a little oral care." When I got out to the car I gave the list of ingredients a quick glance, and was shocked to see sugar listed as the second ingredient, after wheat flour, and before a long list of multi-syllabic chemicals. Yikes!

So I phoned the customer care number listed in tiny print at the bottom of the bag, and reached Adam, a nice enough sounding young man. I told him that I thought I had been bamboozled by the packaging, and that to the best of my knowledge, sugar was not an essential or healthy part of a dog's diet. He politely responded saying they were intended as a treat, something that tastes good, and that vitamins were added to make them healthy.

Well, dogs will eat anything. It doesn't have to taste good. Why add an ingredient that has no nutritional value? That might promote diabetes and tooth decay? Adam didn't have an answer, so I told him I would be returning the product to the store and asking for a refund. He said he would forward my comments to DLM Foods research team.

Hmmph. Nobody said being a conscientious consumer would have immediate results. I'll go back to my stitching now.


  1. onesmallstitch9:58 AM

    poor Gracie, you will have to start baking her treats from scratch.

  2. Jean, I usually do! I have a great recipe- mostly whole grains, vegetables, an egg, and olive oil. They taste great (I have been known to nibble on them myself) although my human taste buds would prefer a little salt. Which I don't add of course!

  3. onesmallstitch10:59 AM

    my granddaughter's best friend is her border collie, Gilbert, would you mind sharing the recipe so I could make some for Christmas and then give her the recipe? she is 11 and enjoys cooking with her Mom or we could make them together when she is with me.


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