It’s true that working in an atmosphere free of distractions makes one much more productive. The first day I got the huge blackberry bramble border transferred to the cloth. Sorry, Saskia, (who asked how that is done) I should have taken a picture. I use a sheet of graphite transfer paper between the paper design and the cloth, and just trace it out with a pencil. Easy enough, but it did take four hours.

And then I managed to get all these brambles, maybe a tenth of the design, embroidered the next day. That means that I might possibly be finished the bear piece, already titled Bower, in just two weeks! I was kind of anxious that it might start running into the New Year, and am so glad that may not happen.

Remember when I first started this Codex series, back in January, and I thought this work might take two years? Well, three pieces completed in 2012, and hopefully four or five more next year, and I will have enough for a show. That’s the plan!

And here are a few pictures from the deck where I am staying. A bit of winter garden, the turkeys that wake me up in the morning, and off on the far side of the pasture, a couple of Berkshire pigs rooting around in the mud. It’s a gray, chilly November  in the Pacific Northwest , perfect for being inside stitching with a cup of tea.


  1. Hi Heather,
    thanks for the transfer-info, I do it the same there are no short-cuts huh!?
    I'm impressed by your swift progress.

  2. Love the blackberry canes. And the pigs. I think it's hilarious - woman from remote island goes to even-more-remote island to concentrate on her work!

  3. I'd love to see the Codex series in a show and hope you keep us informed when that happens. . . One never knows who the wind might blow in. . .

  4. onesmallstitch12:52 PM

    love the blackberry border and it really is progressing quickly. Fantastic pigs, we had pink pigs when we lived on SSI - very intelligent creatures.

  5. The border looks awesome, I love the tiny details. You had a very busy year, artistically speaking. Seeing your work progressing pushes me to work harder.


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