To Mend

I wanted to pass along a couple of links to recent articles about cloth and mending. Gracie (I don't know if that is her real name or a nom-de-plume) at Grace and Mending is working with discarded cloth she finds on her daily walks. She has been thinking deeply about how and why the cloth she finds is left behind, and how her reclamation of that cloth intervenes in a culture of disposability.
And John Hopper at Design, Decoration, Craft has written an insightful, fascinating piece on repair and sustainability, with lots of video links for further exploration. The title Repair, Reimagine, Responsibility points to the need for us as consumers to consider the whole life cycle of objects in our possession.
And here's a blast from the past: A piece I wrote several years ago when I was involved with Swap-O-Rama-rama on Stewards of Materials. The book I mention, Susan Strasser's Waste and Want is still on my "Highly Recommended" list.


  1. thanks for this post, very interesting reading;

  2. How interesting! I walk all the time and I never came across cloth just discarded on the street before. Except this week when I found an entire box of fabric recently discarded by my neighbour who is moving. I think it doesn't count though because she actually carried it over and into my house for me! Cloth delivery. Gotta love it. I promise to find a use for...most of it. :)

  3. Louisa, I once made a quilt from clothing I found on the street during Vancouver's last garbage strike. I posted about it here:
    But fabric delivery to your door is very cool. Hope there was some good stuff there!

  4. Dear Heather, this post is full of inspiration for me. I also read what you wrote in 2008, it went right into my head and then into my heart. I am preparing a small installation, I was somewhat stuck but now I feel that I can start again my work. Have I your permission to quote you in my statement? Thank you for this really striking post.

  5. I have many clothes that I only wore once or twice. I still keep them in my wardrobe, waiting for me to be inspired then turn them into something else. I just made a bag out of my old dress and a jeans. Would you mind visiting my blog and see the bag?

  6. onesmallstitch12:56 PM

    my Mom recycled before the idea or word was invented. I was brought up that way - and sometimes become obsessive about it. hopefully future generations will be forced to pay attention, not just do what is convenient and trendy.

  7. I've missed so much on your blog. How wonderful to catch up. I like the grace and mending blog. I used to have a desire to pick up old gloves and pieces of clothing on the street to make something out of them but I never did. I'm glad to see someone else taking on that project.

    You're bears are magnificent! When are we going to see a solo show of your work???


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