Getting Serious

I read Sandra Reford's archived post about some textile artists that exemplify creative professionalism. One thing I was really struck by was the number of daily hours they put into their work. I am a total slacker in comparison. Granted, I have chronic neck and back pain, but I realize that the first step towards being taken seriously as an artist is to take myself seriously, and putting a block of time aside to just work is a reasonable goal. That means time for stitching, not getting up to make tea, or check my email, or throw the ball for Gracie.
With the new regime in place, I finished the black bear in jig time. The piece hasn't been blocked yet, and of course there is still a border to design and stitch, so it's not done, but it's satisfying to gaze upon his little beady eyes and know he he's there.

And what is up with the white bear's back? I rendered it as faithfully as possible, but Pere Nicolas had some real problems with his drawing.


  1. onesmallstitch8:59 PM

    they are so-o BIG! and very fierce. what an amazing amount of work.

  2. I didn't realise that the bears were so big, congratulations for your effort they look quite intimidating.
    I am curious to see which kind of border you will make.

  3. i too am in awe of the wonder you are going through scads of thread! perhaps Nicolas was at a loss as to how to represent some things?


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