Angus Macduff R.I.P.

Angus, the fearless warrior, died this morning of kidney disease. He was a real character, personable and very chatty. He was a great hunter and an ardent textile enthusiast, favouring the softer, cozier cloths, especially if I was working on them.
Nothing much fizzed on him.
He had great adventures, travelling across Canada and retiring, as every Prairie boy dreams of, on Salt Spring Island. He lived 15 very active and love-filled years.
I stitched this portrait of him fighting an eagle a few years back. 
He will be missed.


  1. they dance through our lives and never know all this stuff, just live it.

  2. So sorry about Angus, Heather. Love your stitched piece to remember him by. I still have a graph paper plan of a weaving I was going to do of my poly-toed cat Julie. But I sadly never got around to it even though she lived to be 19!

  3. Anonymous9:56 PM

    My condolences for Angus, it sounds like he was a special marmalade cat - as most are. I love the warrior in him, but hope the eagle survived the encounter.

  4. Sorry to hear about your Angus..what a fine fellow he must have been. I had a dog Angus awhile back...wonderfulness accompanies that name...

  5. oh. sweet Angus.

  6. Sorry to hear that.

    It sounds he had a happy life with you!

  7. onesmallstitch10:33 AM

    SSI is a good place to rest in peace.

  8. Anonymous10:34 PM

    He's probably mousing in the beyond. He was a cat's cat.


  9. Sorry to hear about your pretty "tiger"!
    Love your portrait of him.

  10. brucespantry7:18 AM

    Don't forget the time Angus got a phone call from the CBC!


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