100 Monkeys

Where the hell does this stuff come from?
tortures of the rack and to smile amid the flames. But a blonde girl, moth that bears a death's head on its back, forces its way into the [url=http://www.eurovore.com]eurovore.com[/url] 
said: "I have often thought of going to see Randi, but have never done hours of reading and talk with Uncle Alec, and, best of all, the old [url=http://www.eurovore.com]link eurovore.com[/url] "'I do,' replied the king. man to show a woman's love-letter to another man?" . 
It's almost poetic.
I removed the annoying captcha thingy from my Blogger design a while ago. A lot of spam rolls in but occasionally there is junk that's almost good. My guess is that it's written by a robot that has been programmed to select phrases from online content that contain words with some emotional weight, so that the reader subconsciously lingers over the message. I of course did not click on whatever "eurovore" is, some evil purveyor of viagra or stock market tips, no doubt.


  1. onesmallstitch2:45 PM

    heh, heh! some of it is good for a laugh but I never stop long enough to read it. what is the purpose of it all??


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