Wherein I Recognize My Folly

So, after yesterday's meltdown, I decided it was a fool's errand to approach the quilt as if it was simple, because nothing ever is. I slowed down, pulling threads and cutting the white linen on grain, rather than using a rotary cutter. I abandoned the pattern, and instead went with an improvisational approach, asking "What does it need?" rather than "What the %&*#!" I told myself it didn't have to be a queen-sized bed covering, but could be a wonderful throw for cuddling up on the couch.

Soon, things mellowed out considerably. I even found my measuring tape.

What have I learned? What has the divine all-seeing, all-knowing guiding spirit of quilting taught me? Wisdom that also might apply to a couple of young newlyweds?

1. Work with what you've got.
2. Nothing is simple.
3. What works for other people may not work for you.
4. Don't try to do everything in one afternoon.
5. Work around the bad bits.
6. Adapt, modify, improvise.
7. Be patient.
8. Be willing to laugh at yourself.
9. A little luck always helps. (The damask linen is patterned with shamrocks.)
(Reader Advisory: I have been married three times and still don't have a clue about the secret of wedded success. But I have made a lot of quilts.)


  1. Love this post - it's the sort of thing I might do...so glad it worked out better the next day with your wise modifications!

  2. am catching up on the last couple of posts, these last two are hilarious!
    wise advice for the quilters and useful as well for (married) life: yes!
    I myself am still in my first marriage, 16 years now, and still learning...
    love the bear BTW.

  3. onesmallstitch10:38 AM

    love the list - post it somewhere ...so it won't get lost ...for the next. because there will always be a next time.

  4. Anonymous2:18 AM

    Very wise!

  5. I agree with Saskia, this post is hilarious like the last one.
    By the way, nice result this 'relaxed' quilt.

  6. You have a gift for telling your story. I had a practice marriage, and this one, which has all indications of lasting. But I have no clue about the secret either. We just keep on keeping on.


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