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I started off this post with the words "Not a whole lot has been happening, but I figured I should post something," but realized all that would do is induce a big yawn so I will try to make it more exciting. The Arbor Vitae piece has been shipped off to Cambridge. Here it is in my tiny dining room to give some idea of scale. The gallery didn't want me to ship it on a stretcher, so I lined it and made pockets top and bottom for hanging rods. I don't like it as much unstretched, but c'est la vie. There was an article about it in our local paper, which was nice, but I realized too late that the reporter was actually writing down what I was saying and totally missed the opportunity to give her intelligent sound bites.
The invitation for the show includes a detail from my piece! That's very exciting, although I must always temper any chuffedness with the knowledge that next month someone else will be featured and I will be in the recycling bin. We're all grist for the mill, it's the art that lasts.
I have been attempting to get back to my yoga practise. Gracie didn't think much of my lack of flexibility, and  got on the mat to demonstrate "Hindlegscratchfaceasana."
"That's how you do it Mom! Now if you don't mind, I'll stretch out on this comfy mat for my nap."
Oops, I'd better be careful. Gracie and I have kind of a mind meld thing going on. She puts words in my mouth. I'm obviously not spending enough time with humans.
I have been enjoying the cooler evening to clean up the garden. The tomato harvest this year was for nought - one really needs a greenhouse in this part of the world. But I have been digging up and dividing overgrown perennials, and tucking them back in with composted cow manure. I like September more than any other month, and it's not just because it's my birthday month. It feels like the beginning of a new year, time to get back to routines and sitting cozy by the wood stove, stitching. Next post I hope to have something to show you!


  1. You shared plenty in this post, Heather. Grist for the mill or not, you are on the invitation this month, and that is wonderful!
    I think the arrival of autumn is my favorite time of year. That usually shows up after we have another episode of hot weather at the end of September. (Happy Birthday!) I really enjoy the cool, windy days. 90ยบ in April was too hot, and there was nowhere for the temps to go but up. And they did into the low 100s in July. We had the heat to grow good tomatoes, but my small back yard is nearly all shade, and the squirrels help themselves to anyone's attempt to grow veggies. So the local farmer's market kept us in supply.


  2. Anonymous11:27 PM

    Happy birthday! Thanks for letting me participate in the festivities.


  3. Really... your posts about your wonderful art NEVER made me yawn... so please, go on with it. :)

  4. onesmallstitch9:58 AM

    Happy Birthday, Heather - hope Gracie gives you a big slobbery kiss!

    The stitching looks wonderful and how very nice to be on the invite.

  5. I have the same feeling that september is the beginning of a new year. I feel energetic and active after the lazyness induced by the heat.
    The Arbor Vitae is stunning, it is so beautiful. I feel priviliged because I could follow every step of the embroidery.

  6. Congratulations on the exhibition. The piece is stunning - of course they were smart to put a tease on their publicity. I liked the article in the local paper.

  7. Amazing. . . and funny. Thanks so much for all the chuckles---and sharing your Artful Self.


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