All Aflutter

The group of birds is coming to life. I'm actually farther along than this picture shows, but I finally got a new (secondhand) camera, and it's taking me awhile to get used to used to it. I promise the next post will contain brighter, sharper pictures!
The composition of this page is so odd. None of the other groupings of animals in the Codex have such a painful looking overlap. Was Louis Nicholas trying to express his internal fear of the wild and vicious creatures of Canada, or was he simply short of paper? The round eye of the woodpecker is the focal point of the composition, and the art therapist in me would say nothing is accidental. But we have no way of knowing.


  1. A very unusual and quite disturbing composition, I wonder too why the claws of one bird are digging into the other ones's eye.
    Your stitches are perfect.

  2. These are amazing..even more so that they reflect the history of Canada. You really have a gift for hand stitching.

  3. this looks fabulous, and indeed the claw in the eye does look painful, would one have noticed without your close observations?

  4. onesmallstitch11:46 AM

    the all powerful eye? one wonders who's eyes he wanted to scratch - or peck out??(the 3rd bird is also in attack mode)


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