Into the Stretch

I have finished the lower left quarter panel. It seemed to take longer than I thought it would, but it could just be that the repetition makes it seem that way.
A detail shot to show the effect of shadow. Because the coral stitch is so heavy, and doesn't lie flat on the cloth, it casts a greater shadow than the other stitches.

I am starting to think about how the cloth will be mounted. I will probably have a custom stretcher made, and stretch the finished piece as I would if it were a painting. I am a little concerned about whether I should back the cloth, or staple a dust cover to the back of the stretcher. This might create a cozy habitat for the dreaded M**H. Maybe I could insert little sachet packets of cedar and lavender to deter aforementioned beasties.


  1. This continues to amaze me! Love the grouse - well, love ALL of it, really. Good luck figuring out how to mount it!

  2. Anonymous9:16 PM

    I have just the thing for you! Paine's All Natural Cedar Incense from Maine. I'll put a box in the mail this week. That'll keep the little moth beasties away.

    By the way, last night, post-barbecue, with too much sake in my system, I started to think about your piece. It is a kind of Canadian Tree of Life. Perhaps that is what our good friend, Louis Nicholas was thinking when he made all those wonderful drawings.. He was no doubt, a devout Catholic and the New World represented an Eden to the European imagination, a place where one could still see the original Creation. It would have seemed like that. North America at that time was still overflowing with nature's bounty while Europe's nature had long before been tamed.

    I like the decorative branches you are using to bind your menagerie together. It is like the formal, geometric patterns of the European imagination laid down upon the natural landscape filled with these creatures with their untamed claws and sharp teeth.

    At least that is what I was thinking last night.

  3. Well done, Heather, I am full of admiration. The embroidery looks perfetly balanced and the stitches that you chose are very effective.
    Mounting is another interesting subject, since I will have to mount my own works, I am looking for ideas.

  4. I'm in awe of your incredible project! If it were me, I don't think I would back the cloth. Without, it's easier to turn it over periodically and give it a good dusting, perhaps with a stocking foot over the end of the vacuum wand to protect the work. It seems to me that any secret spaces might be more likely to harbour the m-beasties. But maybe you should get some advice from a professional!


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