Fuzzy Progress

Yet more proof my camera is dying. I am sorry for the fuzzy image, the poor thing just doesn't seem to be able to focus. It probably didn't help that I hung the cloth out on my windy deck to take the picture - it looks sadly floppy. Anyway, I just wanted to show you that I haven't bailed on this piece, but progress is not as dramatic as I would hope.

I have completed the coral stitch vines. I could probably calculate the number of little knots involved, but am afraid to find out. Now I just have to draw the remaining (and also innumerable) branches, and prepare myself for the final kick on the embroidery.

I am also thinking that I should remove the zigzag water lines on the duck. He doesn't stand out as clearly as he should.


  1. Anonymous3:06 PM

    i was googling embroidery and quilting when i happened upon your blog, i was drawn by a piece that looked familiar and realized it was a janet peter sculpture that you had photographed in my home town, st. john's. i love how small the world is...
    your embroideries are beautiful, a lovely dicovery.
    cara hehir

  2. Anonymous12:32 AM

    Epic! I think this would be a great replacement for Canada's coat of arms. Looking good, even if your camera is a bit off. Jean-Pierre

  3. onesmallstitch11:28 AM

    Heather, the stitching is magnificant. I can't believe you have done it so quickly - it would take me years, if ever. Congratulations to Bruce and very best wishes. Hope that I can pop in some time in the summer.

  4. Terrific, you are doing a great job and I like to see your progress.
    I agree about the duck, not only it doesn't stand out but it look unbalanced if compared with the other bird at the bottom. The coral stitch branches are a 'must copy'!

  5. This piece is coming along very well. I have followed it from the beginning. Do NOT falter.

    I also agree about removing the water lines from the duck - so that it is more like the other fauna in your rendition.

    Sending encouragement, true pleasure in handwork, and a hug.


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