C'est Fini

Forty-five minutes ago, at 8:15 p.m., I put the last stitch in the piece I began 89 days ago. Then, with a mixture of satisfaction and sadness, I took the cloth out of the hoop, folded it, swept the floor and did the dishes.

There will be pictures tomorrow, camera willing. I am very happy with it. It still needs to be stretched and there may be some small touch ups, but it is done.

Figuring on an average of three hours a day, it took 267 hours. That doesn't seem like much, but it was enough to give me tendonitis in my right hand. (Yes, I suffered for my art!)

The next pieces will be smaller, probably single pages from the Codex. The last three months of work have taught me a lot, sharpened my skills, and proven my patience. Just when I thought it would never end, it seemed like elves came in the night and I was almost done.

I think I will have a wee glass of wine to celebrate.


  1. onesmallstitch9:42 PM

    why not have 2 glasses? can't wait to see the finished work - that's alot of hours.

  2. Congratulations! you deserve a treat on finishing such an astounding piece of work.

  3. i understand your pain. and joy!

  4. Heather, I am beyond amazed at your diligence and perseverance. And your talent! Congrats on completing such a wonderful project! Can't wait to see it mounted and complete.

    Hope your hand heals quickly. Tendinitis is not fun.

  5. congratulations......I do hope to see the final result, and 'cheers'

  6. Satisfaction and sadness, yes. Then do the laundry. And the floor. And the dishes - yes. isn't that always the way? Looking forward to seeing the photos. So glad you kept track of the time spent. I try to do that, but invariably forget every now and then, losing track.


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