Perfectly True to Life

I have finished the "caribou". In the Natural History that accompanies the Codex, Louis Nicolas writes: "My drawing of the caribou is perfectly true to life."

Something must be lost in translation, because caribou have skinny antlers, more like an elk. These antlers look like those of a moose, yet the rest of the critter doesn't. And it's not a reindeer either.

But in any case, I am quite happy with it.

And today, thinking of Jude and Was.


  1. Not sure if I have left a comment before or not, I have certainly tried to do so...Blogger is so contrary with Wordpress ids and I can never read the security thingy below. I may just have given up!! Anyway, trying again to say I love what you are doing with these drawings, they are fabulous!

  2. Well whatever critter he is - he's terribly handsome! Perhaps Pere Nicholas needed glasses?

    Heather, since you've already chosen to moderate comments, perhaps you could take off the horrible captcha step for comments? I doubt you need both.

  3. onesmallstitch11:02 AM

    that's the funniest looking cariboo I've ever seen, perhaps Louisa is right or maybe he was smoking something??' again your stitches are beautiful.

  4. I love your smiling caribou!

  5. Heather

    I am so enjoying seeing your interpretation of these fantastical naturals.



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