Hooray! Another Beach Walk!

You might remember a walk last fall to Burgoyne Bay Park on Salt Spring Island. That time we took the path that winds through some old farm buildings. Today we'll go the other way, toward the beach.

As we climb a gentle hill a number of huge mossy rocks can be seen through the trees.

The hillside was logged many years ago. The second growth Douglas Firs are nowhere near as big as the old growth stumps.

The path opens out onto a windswept point. This land, and the rare Garry Oaks that grow here have recently be protected as an ecological reserve.

The daffodils that grow here have probably naturalized from a garden of the old homestead.

There is a very old plum tree in blossom.

Gracie, of course had to lead the way down to the water.

A bit of a camera hound, isn't she?

My friends, J.-P. and Jacquie, have fun taking pictures. We sat on the rocks for awhile and ate sandwiches. No one else was around, and it felt like we were very far from the rest of the world.

Time to head home.


  1. A beautiful craggy-looking spot. Gracie looks to be having a lot of fun leading!

  2. onesmallstitch10:50 AM

    what a truly wonderful part of the world we live in - made me want to jump on a ferry. I've always loved those rocky shores.

  3. Stephanie11:01 AM

    Beautiful pictures that bring a smile. And Gracie especially. Thank you.

  4. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Hi Heather,

    I had a wonderful time walking through the mossy forest and then coming out onto that wonderful bit of daffodil lined, rocky shore. Yes, it did feel like we were far from everything. However, looking across the water and identifying Maple Bay also made me feel reconnected to my youth. As a child I would go to Maple Bay in the summer with my Mom and brother and sister and we would swim in the cold water and laze on the pebbly beach.

    Thanks for leading Jacquie and I on a wonderful walk. You live on a beautiful island.



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