Groundhog Day Prognostications, Cats and Knitting

One of my favourite movies of all time is Groundhog Day, with Bill Murray. I love its story of experience, insight, acceptance and transformation, and see it as an allegory of the psychological healing process. So, in that spirit, and with Sherri Lynn Wood's new quilt-along in mind, I consulted the I Ching as to whether there will be six more weeks of creative winter, or if the new projects of spring are about to begin.

I got a great reading. Apparently now is an auspicious time for me to act with insight and embark on an empathetic voyage. I also will be offered an excellent opportunity for self-improvement, and to act with generousity will bring great rewards. I'll take that as a "Yes", and plan to begin working on the Codex Canadensis on a small scale to start. Thank you, Oracle.

Meanwhile, I have been working on the Hitchhiker scarf that people are making these days. I'm not much of a Ravelry person, so as usual, am way behind the pack. I first saw the scarf on Louisa's blog, and thought it would be the perfect use for that silk and merino I spun up a while back. It's quite fun, although I am now on the second half, which people report is awfully tedious. Angus of course sat on it as I was trying to take a picture - he always brings the proper level of feline priorities to any project.

I added a green bead to each point. I have never used beads in knitting before, and I wish I had used slightly bigger ones here, but they were on hand, and what else is one to do at 9 p.m. at night on a small island?
I also finished spinning the gray fleece, and have begun sampling.


  1. Oh those felines! Both projects look beautiful, I'm especially drawn to the gray - maybe cause it looks very warm and I'm cold right now! Off to light the wood stove.

  2. Lovely post about your process, including the Hitchhiker scarf - great name - great cat. And I have had those 9pm quandaries myself here on this tiny island...often beads (on hand) have saved the day!

  3. The Hitchhiker scarf looks fantastic as a cat mat! Sorry I haven't been around for a bit, busy busy lately! Saw your comment over at Lis's blog. We would love to have you join us on Japanese Textile Study tour. You will be another perfect member of this tour.
    You were in Jean's Dorset button workshop? How lucky! I can't wait to meet Jean - Hugs

  4. love the hitchhiker-cat, maybe he wants his own scarf? the grey looks beautiful knitted. I'm a runes person myself!

  5. I can not believe that I watched the Groundhog Day more than once and I totally missed the psychological meaning, I just thought it was a weird and funny movie, is there a message in this for me?
    I love the Hitchhiker scarf and your use of beads. I too wish that you could join us on our Japan tour.

  6. Glad to hear the fates are auspicious. I'll have to look out for this movie, I love Bill Murray!

  7. Blandina, it may be that I am reading too much into Groundhog Day. It certainly can be enjoyed as a weird and funny movie, and I doubt the director intended it as a great psychological allegory. But the way Bill Murray's character has to re-live one day, going through all kinds of strategies to get out of the cycle, until he finally accepts what he's dealing with and is able to change his way of looking at the world and is at peace with himself, is a great lesson. I watch this movie once a year, at least, and it's one of my joys to introduce it to people who haven't seen it.

  8. Can I have the cat AND the scarf? ;)

    Hitchhiker is something I've been wanting to do, I also use ravelry a lot. But I don't do paypal (So much about technologies... I still prefer to choose what I consider to be useful and what not. Twitter, Facebook and Paypal are not. To me. Or let's say there are companies I don't want to get involved with.) So no pattern for me.

    (But I saw just 2 days ago that the pattern is now available as a small book along with other patterns of the designer. In print, on paper, even in German and via amazon. Something to add to my wishlist. *g* )

  9. I'm an enabler. Sorry, can't help myself. Heh! Your Hitchhiker is turning out really pretty! But the cat might be a bit annoyed if you wrap him around your neck along with the scarf. ;)


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