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I had a nice note the other day from Diane Savona, an artist and curator who is putting together a show called Mending=Art as part of FiberPhiladelphia 2012. Diane was very kindly asking me for permission to include one of my mending posts in material that will accompany the exhibition. I said "yes" right away, and then went exploring the FiberPhiladelphia site.

Wow! I was impressed to see that FiberPhiladelphia is a city wide series of events and exhibitions focusing on the fiber arts. It looks like it will run from now through May, with many different events - check the calendar. And it happens every two years. It strikes me that Philadelphia must be a very enlightened and progressive city to feature the textile arts in such a way.

And Diane's gallery page is wonderful to browse through. Her work uses found textiles and objects to create evocative quilt-like pieces. In one recent work she has incorporated bits of debris from last year's Japanese tsunami in maplike patchwork, and in another series, "Fossil Garments", she layers deconstructed lace garments with embedded sewing tools and notions, viewing clothing as a kind of archeology.


  1. thanks for the links, wish I could be there! the gallery page is inspiring.

  2. OMG, I understand that you can spend weeks in Philadelphia looking at fiber art without attending twice the same event. Amazing.


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