Following Feathers

I just checked out Jude Hill's Magic Feather project slide show. I clicked on it, not knowing what to expect, and discovered that each of the 639 stitched feathers are shown. I wondered if I would see my contribution, and as the amazing variety of feathers wafted by, found myself making comparisons and finding favourites. My little brain also started to wonder how Jude is going to put them together - where to begin? When my eagle feather showed up 2/3 of the way through, I felt a warm glow of participation, of being part of something special.

A truly lovely project. Magic, indeed!

I actually saw the sun rise today - a rare event for me as I am usually quite slothful in the morning.


  1. Happy New Year Heather - Love from Nat

  2. Yes, Happy New Year Heather. I participated in Jude's hearts gathering last year. I wish I had more time for it. The feather project is nice. wow I love slow cloth :)

  3. it is a long slide show... but like the sunrise, it is sometimes nice to just sit and watch... amazing sitting here and holding all these feathers, just pausing before continuing...thanks for the post.

  4. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Did those colours come from your sewing basket? Perfect vision to start the day with.
    Best wishes in this year, the Year of the Dragon.
    Lets hope Obama gets his mojo back and then really sets out to accomplish what he said he would when he wins the election later this year.

  5. that sunrise looks gorgeous!


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