Her Creativity Knows No Bounds

(Photo by Benny Paulino, www.paulinophotography.com)

My friend Gretchen Elsner has done it again. I have written about her incredibly inventive re-working of old cloth before, but her latest collection is astonishing.

Much of the fabric she has used came from vintage wool kimonos that were sent to me by my friend Jean-Pierre in Japan, and that I forwarded to Gretchen in Athens, Georgia. A lot of mailing around but finally these fabrics are singing.

Gretchen has also been busy building her own home on wheels: a custom travel trailer, as well as actively participating in democracy via social and environmental justice movements. She's a dynamo!


  1. What a superb example in this day and age!

  2. Anonymous10:58 PM

    WOW! Those fabrics really did travel around a lot but I am glad to see they have finally come to a wonderful, creative end. Let me know if you want more kimono fabrics. Jean-Pierre


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