Burgoyne Bay Walk

Even on a grey, cloudy day, a walk around Burgoyne Bay Provincial Park is always beautiful. Today, the soft light made the old farm buildings moody and mysterious.

Apparently the buildings are to be restored someday. I quite like them as they are.

The bay itself is home to a number of people who live on their boats or floathouses.

There is even a "float trailer"!

The rosehips and chokecherries are bright against the lichens.

Leaves of the Garry Oak, a gnarly, moss covered tree native to a tiny area of southern vancouver Island, and apparently, Salt Spring.

It's a fertile place. This abundant tangle of blackberry, dewberry, moss and fern is growing on a massive granite boulder. Ten years ago, the Burgoyne Bay area was about to be logged and developed, and it took a sustained fight from islanders to have it protected and turned into a park. We are so fortunate that they won their battle!


  1. A new neighbourhood for you to explore here. What interesting buildings. I can see a lot of eco-dyeing vegetation all around - Hugs Nat

  2. Anonymous11:13 AM

    what a blessing the area was saved from logging. Enjoy. wonder what stories the old buildings could tell?

  3. Oh yes, lovely old greens.

  4. Heather! I have a blog post I need to show you!

    boy, have times be times! For x-mas I want NO DRAMA!

    but, I am reminded:
    "What sort of person says that he or she wants to be polished and pure, then complains about being handled roughly?" etc.. RUMI.

    Much love to you! Start reeling me in y the long silver cord connecting us! I am almost ready to hit the road and come back to Canada!
    xoxoxoxox Gretchen


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